The Other WCh: January 13

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Second Matchday in Granollers and Seville. Do you want to know  how we live it?

Granollers, 17:19: Argentinian fans with a banner that remembers the team's nickname: Gladiators.

Granollers, 17:20. A River Plate's fan from Barcelona rooting for the Argentines with his drum.

Granollers, 17:21: A couple of banners in Granollers remember the Argentinian brilliance with language.

Seville, 17:35: Sevilla FC's footballer Gary Medel came to the arena to know his compatriots of the Chile.

Seville. 17:55 A crowd of Danish jornalists invade San Pablo. Denmark is, undoubtedly, one of the hot favourites to the title. Ulrik Wilbek's seven is the major attraction for the daily spectators of the arena, in which the Red Vikings are trying to be group champions brilliantly. Their movements are synonyms of news for the large Danish journalists community who, camera in hand, shoot their flashes to capture the way of the Nordic side in the tournament.

In Seville's venue, there are 185 accredited journalists. 78 of them are Spaniards, but the second nationality most repeated is the Danish, with 75 professionals. Even a TV channel from Copenhagen is here, settling a TV set in the arena for their live coverage. From Iceland there are 11 reporters, and 12 are from Macedonia. Just 6 Qataris and 2 Russians work in the media zone, and no Chilean journalist stamped his passport to Seville.

Granollers, 18.05 Tunisian fans rooting for their team versus Germany.

Granollers, 18.07 Music is crucial for the Tunisian supporters.

Granollers, 18.08 Three German supporters complete the name of their country and its flag with their shirts.

Granollers, 18.09. Olímpic de Granollers

Granollers, 18.50 French fans are ready for the game in the stands

Seville. Review of the day: San Pablo's royal box was full of sports and politics VIP in this second matchday. In the opening game of the day, between Chile and Macedona, attended the Sevilla FC player Gary Medel, international player for "La Roja" in football. The midfielder could not enjoy a win of his side in the WCh.

Representing the handball family there was Juan de Dios Roman, President of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation and Hassan Moustafa, his IHF counterpart. At the political level, the Mayor of Seville Juan Ignacio Zoido also occupied his seat.


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