The Other WCh: January 12

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Yesterday, most of national teams made their debut in the championship. Do you want to know everything that happened?

Granollers, 14.14: German fans waiting for the start of the tournament in front of the Palau Olímpic de Granollers.

Granollers, 14:56. A couple of French fans in Granollers. 

Granollers, 15.21. German fans with the word TOR! (goal in German). A German supporter painting the face to a fellow with the German flag.

Seville, 15:44. Colour and Sound in Seville.

Seville's San Pablo Arena has openend Group B with an interesting Macedonia-Chile. Fans from both sides have coloured the neighbouring of the Andalusian facilities, with an important number of Macedonian supporters from the first moments. The Balkan fans, near to a thousand, have trembled with the sight and sound show of the previous minutes to the match.

Major Sevillian handball clubs have attended also to San Pablo. 

Madrid, 15.50: Checking the score in Caja Magica. For the moment, it shows a little advantage to Croatia.

Madrid, 16.00: In the press zone, someone shows his likings. Do you know who is he rooting for?

Zaragoza, 15.14: Lines in Príncipe Felipe to buy a ticket. Two Korean fans have theirs.

Madrid, 16.05: The Croatian team warming up. Australia also, three minutes later.

Seville, 16.20: Lazarov still being a top scorer

As the icon that he is for the Macedonian fans, Atletico Madrid's left back scored eight goals to Chile. After having missed a seven  meters throw, the leader of the yellow and red side started to net without rest. On 2009, Lazarov scored 92 goals, being the player with the most ever goals in a single WCh. He is, undoubtedly, the reference for the bench and the stands.

Zaragoza, 17.00: Serbian and Korean fans, in their positions.

Zaragoza, 17.30: The Saudi side warming up.

Seville, 18.00: Chilean and Macedonian, in press conference.

Madrid, 18.30: Interview with Zlatko Horvat (CRO), MVP of Croatia-Australia.

Madrid, 18.55: Hungary and Egypt, in the court of Caja Magica for the second match of the day, closing the fist round in Group D. 

Seville, 20.17: Russian press conference

Granollers, 21.21: Argentinian goalkeeper, Matias Schulz, talks about the victory over Montenegro and tomorrow's derby versus Brazil.

Seville, 21.30: Denmark conquest Seville

The Sevillian neighbourhood of San Pablo is a populous place at day, and quite at night. However, the arrival of Denmark has changed the routine in on of the most populated districts in the Andalusian capital. Near to 1,000 Nordic fans have reached the city and from hours before their team's debut versus Qatar filled the streets close to the arena.

The Spanish fans, due to the Danish superiority, decided to support Qatar, whose goals is to win at least a match in the tournament. Hansen's absence did not relax the Danish crowd, colouring San Pablo with red and white.

Later, outdoors, the Danish went to the major pubs of the area looking for their pints, helped by the reasonable prices of a product that is not cheap in their country.  In all aspects, Denmark is hot favourite.

Granollers, 23.17: Didier Dinart talks about the French first win in the WCh.

Granollers, 23.19: French fans celebrating their victory over Tunisia.


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