Group A: Matchday 2 Post-match

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Brazil – Argentina (24-20)

Palau d'Esports, Granollers. January 13, 15:00

Pacheco makes the difference in the South American duel. Brazil stole the win in the South American duel against Argentina in a match lead by the Brazilian Fernando José Pacheco. The Brazilians lead from the off and the score was 5-2 after 7 minutes of play thanks to the success of the Brazilian back who scored all 4 of his throws in the opening period. After only one more goal was added to the scoreboard after 9 minutes, the Argentines started their comeback with goals coming from Vieira and Diego Simonet the managed to level the meeting (8-8, 29th minute). The mixed defence from the Brazilian Pacheco allowed the Argentines to level the game and go into the break just one goal behind (9-8).

Despite Argentina taking the lead in th second half (12-13, 37th minute), the Brazilians did not fall apart and they kept their faith in Thiagus Santos' defence and he seemed impeccable. A strong period of 4-1 to Brazil pushed into a confident lead of three goals (20-17, 54th minute) A penalty converted by Sebastián Simonet gave hope to Argentina but Chiuffa's goal with 2 minutes 15 seconds remaining confirmed the win.

THE FACT: Fernando José Pacheco had a 72% success rate with 8 goals from 11 shots proving key for Brazil so that they could come out on top.


Jordi Ribera (Brazilian head coach): "It was a match of life and dead y winning this game keeps us alive. It has been a defensive game. This matches versus Argentina are decided by details and, today until the last five minutes the final result was still unknown. The team was better in defence during the first half and in the second in attack."

Fernando José Pacheco (Brazil): "It was a close game as usual versus Argentina. I think we were better in the difficult moments of the game. We did not give up at any moment and, finally, our accuracy was higher than theirs"

Eduardo Gallardo (Argentinian head coach): "This result complicates our tournament. It was a good defences match. We did not solve well in attack and , in the key moments we had some mistakes which affect to the definitive result. Brazil, on the contrary, did was accurate in that moments. This result could be decisive for our qualification". 

Juan Pablo Fernández (Argentina): "The score was short and I think that was key. Brazil have a tough defence and it was difficult to us to prepare the attack. That, alongside with the mistakes in the key moments, was decisive for the defeat".


  • MVP: Fernando José Pacheco (Brazil)
  • Top Scorer: Fernando José Pacheco (Brazil. 8 goals)

Tunisia – Germany

Palau d'Esports, Granollers. January 13, 17:20

Montenegro – France

Palau d'Esports, Granollers. January 13, 19:30


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