Group A: Matchday 1 Post-match

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Germany – Brazil (33-23)

Palau d'Esports, Granollers. January 12, 16:00

Germany open their World Championships with a comfortable win over Brazil. The great performance in goal from Silvio Heinevetter and the defender Weinhold allowed the Germans to dominate in a second half where they turned up the heat, walking over the Brazilian manager, Jordi Ribera. The whole of the Brazilian team was suprised a Germany that was undecided after the first half. The performance from the two defenders Pacheco and Cardoso led to two goals (score: 4-6, 13th minute). The German comeback came in the latter stages of the first half, led from the back by Heinevetter. The 6-0 defence was more effective and Schmidt eventually managed to break his team into the lead (12-10) after converting to penalties. Germany thrashed Brazil in the second half witha spectacular start that left the Brazilians without hope at 16-11 (36th minute). The Germans started to run away with it as they stomped all over the 4-2 formation of Brazil. Weinhold and Schmidt took the wings whilst Roggisch and Haas were an unbeatable wall in defence. The Germans increased the difference with spectacular handball leading to a huge gap of 10 goals at the end of the match (33-23)

THE FACT: "Kevin Schmidt was precise in front of goal with 5 goals from 5 throws and together with Weinhold they won the match for Germany."


Martin Heuberger (German head coach): "We are very proud of the victory and of the result because it is a great way to start a WCh. In the first half, the Brazilian defence was extraordinary and that makes a narrow score, but our 21 goals of the second period were decisive. Moreover, we used our 16 polayers, which allowed a high tempo and a great result for our premiere".

Dominik Klein (Germany): "We have seen a good Germany, with 12 players in good shape able to play good at any moment of the game. The first match is always complicated. Brazil has shown that they are a uneasy team for us because they have different players able to score and a great goallie. Because of that, our first half was not so good".

Jordi Ribera (Brazilian head coach): "The first match of a tournament is always complicated. We wanted to surprise Germany and we did it in the first half in which we could have taken an advantage to the half time. However, we missed easy shots which allowed them to prepare fast breaks. In the second half we lost our place in the game. We did not keep the defensive concentration and that helped Germany. We have a young team. Our most important game is versus Argentina."

Lucas Candido (Brazil): "We started very well the match and I think we did a good first half. But tradition also has its role and that appears in the second half. After the break we missed too many balls and that gave good opportunities to the German side. We hope tomorrow versus Argentina will be different."


  • MVP: Steffen Weinhold (Germany)
  • Top Scorer: Steffen Weinhold (Germany. 7 goals)

Argentina – Montenegro (28-26)

Palau d'Esports, Granollers. January 12, 18:15

Argentina started their campaign against Montenegro, in the first World Championships for the Balkans, with a vital win for their dreams to make it to the knockout stages. In a nip and tuck final, it was decided by the talent in the middle for the "Gladiadores"  player Diego Simonet with a goal after just 57 seconds he had began to threaten the match. In the first half the Argentinians took the lead after a great start (5-2, 14th minute) following a goal from hie elder brother, Pablo Simonet. Despite the success of the Montenegrins from six metres, especially Selic and Sevajevic, the Argentines never ceased to take the lead thanks to a 5-1 defence that allowed them pick up the ball and run to counterattack (13-10, 27th minute). A goal from Kapisoda in the final seconds meant that the lead was being pressed. (13-12, Half Time)

The balance of play was maintained throughout the second half. Despite Argentina gaining a three goal lead (24-21, 49th minute), the nerves took over in attack for Eduardo Gallardo's men and they saw Montenegro begin their comeback (24-25, 23rd minute) thanks to the success of Roganovic and Melic. The Argentines took advantage of a sending off and a suspension on behalf of the Montenegrins which put themback in the lead (26-25, 56th minute) after Melic tied the game at 1'20, Diego Simonet scored the goal that gave them lead to win the Argentines the match and with a solid defence in the final seconds they prevented an equaliser.

THE FACT: 6/7 successful shots from Diego Simonet at 6 metres allowed Argentina to go ahead and kill off the opposition.


Eduardo Gallardo (Argentinian head coach): "It was a tough match but it is always hard the first match in a tournament like this. I think Montenegro also suffered the circumstance of being their first match in a WCh, because they defeated Sweden and we have to stand that out. We had many situations with a three-goal advantage but we could not kill the match. We have a team that is growing in the last years, and in the WCh history a South American side just four or five times have defeated an European one, which makes this victory more important".

Guido Ricobelli (Argentina): "We made a great match and that is very important in the premiere of a WCh. I thing some mistakes in attack impede us to increase the advantage and, finally, the match could have been for any side. We were lucky in the last Montenegro's attack in which they could draw the match".

Zoran Kastratovic (Montenegro head coach): "I want to congratulate Argentina for the victory, they knew how to play tough in defence and that was difficult for our attacks. We are a debutant team and our lack of experience was clear."

Rade Mijatovic (Montenegro): "I am very dissapointed to the final result because both teams were neck and neck. I think that our attack was bad in those key moments and I hope we will fix that problems for the next game to achieve our first victory".


  • MVP: Diego Simonet (Argentina)
  • Top Scorer: Diego Simonet (Argentina. 7 goals)

France – Tunisia (30-27)

Palau d'Esports, Granollers. January 12, 20:45

France suffer in the palms of the Tunisian throwers. France had to do a great deal of defending in order to defeat Tunisia in their debut to the World Championships of Spain. The meeting was complicated by the reigning champions and only the quality of Narcisse when shooting and the success of Barachet that they were able to prevent the underdogs from taking the win. Tunisia threw many spanners into the works against the French in the first half. The champions took six minutes to score the first goal taking their time to know the pitch and found themselves 3 goals ahead after 14 minutes (8-5) with assistance from Abalo and Fernández. The Tunisians equalised with three consecutive goals from Sanai (8-8). The success of the Tunisian wingers allowed them to climb the score board and take the lead by two goals (11-13, 27th minute). Bannour seemed unstoppable and Tunisia entered the break with a goal in their favour (13-14). The French continued without vigour to try to stop the Tunisian wingers but they continued to dominate and took their biggest lead a 19-22. Karaboue improved the performance of Omeyer between the sticks but this wasn't enoughto get France back into the game (23-25, 52nd minutes). A mixed defence and the entrance of Narcisse as centre was a game-changer. The French were more consistant in defence and Baracher converting two counter attacks (28-25, 56th minute) and setting the victory in stone with more goals.

THE FACT: A period of 7-2 to the French in the last 8 minutes of the game helped stop the champions from being the subject of a shock loss.


Claude Onesta (French head coach): "We had the honnour of winning this match and I have to congratulate sincerely Tunisia because we have problems during many minutes because of their great game. Maybe thanks to our experience we did not sink, join ourselves and progressively taking advantage in the match."

William Accambray (France): "It was a very difficult game versus a good team, which I think they are one of the most poweful teams in our group. We have to make the most to win this match with superb defence."

Alain Portes (Tunisian head coach): "The words by the French coach make me feel proud. It is frustrating to finish the first matchday without points, but we are growing and my players have to learn some details to win this kind of games versus teams like France, with a huge physical preparation and a great offencive accuracy."

Kamel Alouini (Tunisia): "I congratulate the French side for therir victory but it has not been a lucky thing our so good game versus them. What we need is to confirm our growth is to win matches. Team's attitude and will to win is what has changed from the previous WCh".


  • MVP: Luc Abalo (France)
  • Top Scorer: Amine Bannour (Tunisia, 7 goals)


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