The Other WCh: January 11

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The World Championshio started in the Caja Magica and, with The Other WCh, we want to tell you what you did not seen of the opening ceremony, of the Spain-Algeria and everything around the biggest handball event in the world. Pictures, videos, anecdotes and curious contents are waiting for you in this log-book of the World Championship.

Madrid, 17.52: Everithing ready in the Caja Magica. Checking anthems and last details before the opening ceremony.

Madrid, 17.55: Viran Morros, Arpad Sterbik and Jorge Maqueda playing football in the Caja Magica.

Madrid, 18.00: We talk with Joseja Hombrados about handball, the WCh and the Spanish NT.

Madrid, 18.10: Hombrados in a picture with the flag bearers of the opening ceremony.

Madrid, 18.15: Algeria and Spain warming up.

Madrid, 18.38: José Javier Hombrados, Spanish flag bearer of the WCh.

Madrid, Spain-Algeria half time: Charanga band from La Mancha in a tour through the Caja Magica, rooting for Jorge Maqueda.

Madrid, Spain-Algeria half time: "Rosca", mascot of the Spanish NT, dancing before the match.

Madrid, end of the match: We talk with José Manuel Sierra, MVP of the game.

Madrid, end of the match:: The protagonists, during the press conference.


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