Group B: Matchday 1 Post-match

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Macedonia – Chile (30-28)

Palacio de San Pablo, Seville. January 12, 15:45

Lazarov leads Macedonia to a triumphant win. Macedonia and Chile opened up Group B with an equally matched game andthat which tilted in the favour of the europeans thanks to the quality and efficiency of Kiril Lazarov, true to his nature in front of goal, and the lack of precision of Chilean shots. 30-28 does reflect, however, the pressure of the hit that occurred in the closing stages at the mercy of the great veteran and his team "el gualdirrojo" .

From the start Macedonia held a closed defence 6-0 that put a bitter end to all the Chilean attacks. The European number 7 took control, although the successful interventions from the Chilean goalie, René Oliva, prevented the Macedonians from escaping up the scoreboard. The hit was matched until the South Americans, driven by an inspirational Oliva and his remarkable success in attack, had a period of success scoring 4 wihout conceding that baffled locals between the 7th and 14th minute.

The skirmish consisted of an end-to-end exchange of goals. Macedonia had to react and, thanks to the brilliant game from Kiril Lazarov, they accumulated a lead of two goals at half time (11-9). Macedonia escaped in broad daylight thanks to a 7-2 period that cleared a bit of air between the two sides (18-12, 36th minute). However, a quick sucession of passing errors that brought back the tension, the that was pressed as close as 21-19 in the 43rd minute, when Shundovski (Macedonia Coach) asked for a time-out. Lazarov, who is lethal from seven metres, heroically guided Macedonia towards victory, who knew to save his goods for the second half (30-28).

THE FACT: A breakthrough of 7 goals to Chile's 2 in the middle of the second half proved to be the difference.


Zvonko Shundovski (Macedonian head coach): "We have played a great match. We have been really concentrated. We have to improve some things, but we have been played well. There were some moments in which things were difficiult, but we react".

Fernando Capurro (Chilean head coach): "We have played at the level of the tournament in an intelligent way. Macedonia is a high level team and we have known how to play versus them, so we must be satisfied".

Emil Feuchtmann (Chile): "The first match of the championship has been good. We are very happy. The next will be versus Iceland. That is a different matter. We have to go step by step. Each match will be more difficult than the previous. We have to keep our today's game"


  • MVP: Emil Feuchtmann
  • Top Scorer: Kiril Lazarov (Macedonia) and Rodrigo Salinas (Chile), both with eight goals.

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Palacio de San Pablo, Seville. January 12, 18:00

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